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Wedding Finances: What Should Make The Budget?

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Author: Ania Bens

Putting together a low budget wedding is all about compromise. It's important to work out what are the most essential items for your dream day and how much you can really afford to spend on the whole event. If spending an extra few thousand is going to put you deep into the red, it's better left avoided. After all you don't want to spend the first few years of marriage, knee deep in bills and angry letters.

Having a budget is key. Without it you will have no understanding of how much you can afford to pay and no control over the costs.

To start off put all of the items into your wedding budget, everything from wedding insurance to wedding flowers and see what figure you come up with. You're probably going to be more over budget than you expected. Now it's time to look at where you can cut back.

One of the best ways to make savings on your wedding is to involve friends and family wherever possible. For example, if you know a cake maker or if one of your relatives is a swanky amateur photographer, get them involved. Let them know you're trying to do things on the cheap and ask them if they can help.

Take a look through your shopping list and see if you can match up any of the skills with friends or family. Perhaps they can offer the help instead of giving a wedding present, and maybe offer them some extra wedding cake as well. Having your wedding on a Sunday or Friday (any day but Saturday), can also help to cut costs as many venues will be happy to give a discount since you aren't having the event on their peak wedding day.

Take advantage of free glass hire of supermarkets such as Sainsbury's. Unfortunately they won't give you the bubbly for free as well.

Wedding insurance is a tricky one when it comes to compromise. While you shouldn't compromise on the cover, e.g. insure your value for less than it costs, it does pay to shop around.

So wedding budgets aren't just about keeping the event cheap. It's about compromise, shopping around and keeping a specific price in mind.

To start making that budget work, why not compare wedding insurance over at compareaholic? The site lists all of the main UK wedding insurers and gives plenty of info and reviews of each of them.

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