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Wedding Flowers For Less

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Author: Glenda Erceg

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Weddings are very expensive. If you are looking for ways to cut wedding expenses you may want to consider the flowers.

Even if you want to have the flowers provided by a rather expensive florist there are ways to cut back. If you want flowers that are unique or created by a pricey florist but still need to shave a little from the floral budget you can consider fewer flowers and arrangements. Use the florist of your dreams but order less.

If you need to trim more from the floral expenses consider flowers from a local grocery store floral department. Many stores have excellent floral arrangers and they will work with you to create beautiful floral designs.

Let's say neither of the above suggestions is going to work but you still want to have fresh flowers. You can order flowers and put the bouquets together yourself. Or maybe you have a friend or relative who could help with this project. You also could check into hiring a student who is taking classes in floral arranging. Many community colleges offer these courses and the student may also be able to purchase fresh flowers at cost.

Many people are very happy with wedding floral arrangements created from silk flowers. If you are creative you can design the bouquets yourself. You may also know someone who can help you with the arrangements. Gather your friends together for an evening of flower bouquet preparations. Have all the flowers and supplies ready, provide some food and have a flower arranging party.

Weddings are expensive but you can cut the cost and still have gorgeous flowers for your special day.

I am the source.

Copyright Glenda Erceg.

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