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Wedding Gift and Gift Registry Ideas

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Who Should Get A Gift At Your Wedding?
People that you need to consider when planning your wedding gift list...

Anniversary Gift Ideas: Sweet and Sexy Speaks Volumes
There are many great options to consider for letting your significant other know how special they are. An Anniversary is a very special time in a couples' life, and merits much thought. I hope that I can pass on a few helpful suggestions to get your creativity flowing, so that you can be released from the temptation of trying to pull of that last minute decision.

Get Wedding Gifts Youll Enjoy -- Creating Your Wedding Registry
Receiving wedding gifts is a whole lot more fun when the gifts are of your choice. It is a good idea to create a wedding registry to help your guests choose a wedding gift that you'll enjoy... and use!

Anniversary Gift Guide
An anniversary gift is the opportunity to show your loved one precisely how much they mean to you and how special you think they are. This article tells you how to approach this task.

Buying a Unique Wedding Gift
Your best friend's wedding is coming up and you have to buy a gift. You don't really want to get them a blender or a vacuum cleaner or a set of dishes.

Six Bridesmaid Gift Basket Ideas to Make Yourself
Your bridesmaids will be thrilled to recieve one of these six themed bridesmaid gift baskets. Here are six basket ideas that you can easily put together yourself.

Choosing a Bridal Shower Gift
Not sure what gift to select? Don't worry. There are several ways to choose the perfect item. Let's take a look.

Selecting the Perfect Wedding Gift for the Bride and Groom
One of the most memorable days in our lives is when two people commit their love to one another through marriage. Wedding gifts are traditionally offered to the newlyweds as tokens of affection and love as well as a means to provide the new couple with starter home supplies.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Gifts of love and thoughtfulness are the most appreciated for a couple's 50th anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Signature Frame The Perfect Anniversary Gift!
Wedding Anniversary Frames can combine traditional anniversary gift materials with modern features that allow couples to display their wedding and anniversary photographs while also including the signatures of friends and guests attending their anniversary party. It is the perfect combination of a photo album and guestbook

8 Questions Brides Ask About Setting up a Wedding Registry
In theory, setting up a wedding registry is simple. In practice, things are a little more complicated -- but only a little!

Three Ingenious Anniversary Gift Ideas
Do you need to buy an anniversary gift? You can always go with the traditional ideas, or something unique. If you need some ideas, read this.

Wedding Gift Ideas from Egypt
Finding new wedding gift or wedding favor ideas. In this article I present three unique handmade gift ideas from Egypt. Readers in the process of planning their wedding or buying a wedding gift will greatly benefit by reading this article.

Great Wedding Gift Ideas
Surefire tips to help you find wonderful and unforgettable wedding gift ideas that match the couple perfectly.

Meaningful Wedding Gift Ideas
Wedding gifts to family, friends and the bridal party should help express your feelings, sentiments and words and show appreciation for taking part in your wedding.

What Makes The Best Wedding Anniversary Gift?
Tips for selecting an anniversary gift that your husband or wife will cherish forever.

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas
You've been invited to the bridal shower - what fun! You already have a wonderful wedding gift, but you aren't sure about bridal shower gift ideas. The first rule of thumb is that a bridal shower gift is generally a bit more personal; that is, it focuses on the bride rather than the couple. So think in terms of her likes and dislikes as well as the theme of the party.

Present a Unity Gift Candle To Loved Ones During Your Wedding Ceremony
Unity gift candles are commonly custom printed to match your personalized unity candle, including design, candle color, ink color, bride's and groom's first names, and wedding date. Gift candles are a great way to say Thank You to parents, grandparents or other loved ones who are a special part of your wedding day. The unity gift candle symbolizes the union of the bride and groom as two become one. Presenting unity gift candles to parents or other loved ones adds a touching and sentimental moment to your special day. Each gift candle will become a keepsake momento of your wedding day and a reminder of your devotion to one another.

Finding the Perfect Bridesmaid Gift
It is hard to pick out the perfect bridesmaid gift. This article gives a few useful tips in your bridesmaid gift conquest.

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