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Wedding Insurance Or A Trip To The Casino?

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Author: Adam Leyton

Are you wondering whether to take out wedding insurance or not? Perhaps you're thinking about the fact that you already have so many insurance policies, and consider that these might be enough.

After all, you already have home insurance and health insurance, and even a certain amount of insurance protection from your credit card suppliers on purchases you've made using their cards.

Do you really need wedding insurance, or is it simply as new fad that people are into who have a little too much spare cash at the end of their budget?

Let's consider for the moment that you're at a casino instead of at a beautiful wedding. You have about twenty thousand pounds all wrapped up in a single roll of banknotes. You place the roll of banknotes on the roulette table. Now, will you go for red or black?

You have a fifty/fifty chance of being right, but of course you also face the very real probability that you'll lose everything. Still, if your twenty thousand pounds is lost, you'll just reach into your pocket and get another one out, won't you?

The average wedding in the UK actually comes out a little over twenty thousand pounds, and the whole budget is focussed on one single day. This one single day has been chosen in the hope that nothing will go wrong to cause you to have to cancel or postpone your wedding.

As wedding insurance companies will testify, weddings do get cancelled unexpectedly, and not just because the Groom has run off with one of the Bridesmaids, or the Best Man.

Exceptional weather such as heavy snow, heavy rain, flooding, hurricanes, ice and fires can all cause the event to have to be postponed. Illness is another contender, and with so many virulent diseases prevalent at the moment, anyone contracting a disease such as Swine Flu, Bird Flu, MRSA or any of the other commonly contracted illnesses will clearly have to stay away from the wedding. That might be acceptable unless the person in question is the father of the Bride, the Groom's mother, or the Bride or Groom themselves.

From power cuts to road accidents, from death to food poisoning, there are an astonishing number of ways in which a wedding may have to be cancelled or postponed. Perhaps the surprising thing is not that many weddings have to be cancelled or postponed, but that so many weddings take place at all.

Wedding insurance is starting to seem significantly more attractive. Back in our casino, it is now apparent that gambling twenty thousand pounds on red or black is being incredibly generous of us, because in truth the wedding is being selected from any of at least 365 days of the year (and even from a choice of years), so let's imagine a roulette board with 365 numbers on it. Where will you place your roll of banknotes?

If you win, you become happily married with a stack of memories to last a lifetime. Lose, and you could find yourself without the funds to rearrange your wedding for many years.

Whilst health insurance will cover any treatments you require and time off work it won't cover you for any additional consequences like a postponed wedding. Home insurance will only cover you for what takes place in your home, and it's an unlikely venue for a wedding. Credit card protection will only cover you for specific purchases within limited financial ranges, and may only cover physical items, not services.

For complete piece of mind, and the chance to retrieve your roll of banknotes should the roulette wheel not spin in your favour, having a wedding insurance policy in place is a must. If your wedding day means as much to you as it undoubtedly does, then isn't it important enough to protect against adversity, especially when you realise how many adversities are waiting in the wings to catch you unawares?

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