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Wedding Invitations

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Author: Elsie Gilbert

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Whenever anyone decides to get married, one of the most important decisions is which guests are going to be invited to the various celebrations. For people to know that they are invited to your wedding ceremony, they will need to receive an invitation.

Wedding invitations are no longer a simple card in the post; they are a vital part of the wedding theme and without careful thought can really dent your budget and leave guests confused.

Wedding Invitations - The Basics

Wedding invitations must, essentially tell your guests the vital information such as where, when and the format of the event. Don't get wrapped up in the detail and forget to tell the guests the date and location!

Be clear with your wedding invitations as to exactly what type of event your guests are being invited to. Is the event an informal affair with no particular dress code, or is it a party celebration that requires certain attire. By making this clear on your wedding invitations, you will save yourself many hours on the phone explaining the nature of your wedding; this will prevent any red faces on the day.

Make it clear exactly what will be included, can guests expect a full meal or will there be a buffet? If your wedding ceremony is taking place at a separate location to the reception, will transport be provided and what time does each 'part' of the day start.

Reply Style Wedding Invitations

A great way to find out the exact numbers that you can expect to attend is to create wedding invitations with an integral reply section. The reply can be a simple yes or no, however it may also be worth finding out more information such as whether there are any special dietary requirements or whether accommodation / transport is required.

Wedding invitations can be used, not only to provide a lot of information but also to receive information. As part of your wedding invitations you can also include information such as maps or details about the surrounding area. This is particularly important, as many guests use attending a wedding as an opportunity to have a short break, so include some interesting brochures.

Wedding Invitations - Clever Ideas

With weddings becoming increasingly expensive, the choice of wedding invitations can provide you with the perfect opportunity to save money, big time. If your guests are technologically able, why not go online? You could even set up a website with all of the relevant information and the option to reply online. If you choose this approach, make sure that you have the necessary security and passwords so that you don't inadvertently invite the whole world!

Wedding invitations do not have to be elaborate; in fact a homemade version with a personal picture can be far more effective and a lot cheaper. Get a third person, who does not know the details of your wedding to proof read the wedding invitations to ensure that you haven't missed out anything vital.

Finally, make sure you send your wedding invitations out in plenty of time for your guests to respond.

Elsie Gilbert offers great insights to different types of wedding ceremonies, wedding styles, wedding accessories. From traditional to the exotic she makes it easy for the bride and groom to review and choose. For more details on all types of wedding ideas visit this site now

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