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Choosing a Maui Wedding Photographer
No matter which one of the many Maui wedding photographers you end up choosing to memorialize your wedding day on film, you can rest assured that your photos will be excellent, capturing both the emotion of the moment you pledged yourself to your new spouse and the beauty of the island around you.

Choosing A Wedding Photographer
Choosing a wedding photographer is important to take pictures of the bride and groom, and pictures of the bridesmaid dresses the bride has chosen.

Choosing a Wedding Videographer
The first question many people ask - What is the cost for a wedding video?

Create A Beautifull Wedding Album With A Simple And Fun Way
Hi If you are getting married or have a Bar Bat Mitzvah or special event then you should read this.

Current Trends in Wedding Photography
Wedding photography is an evolving field. The author discusses current trends in wedding photography including photojournalim and fashion wedding photography.

How to Find, Select, and Afford a Wedding Photographer
You are engaged and one of the most important days in your life is fast approaching. Your wedding day will be filled with happiness and emotion. Family and friends will be there; some you have not seen in many years. It will be a wonderful day for you to remember and share. There will be so many things going on of which most you will not even know about until you look at the wedding photographs.

How to Save Money on Wedding Photography
All brides want that one photograph that perfectly captures the wedding day. But to get it, you have to hire a skilled photographer--and unfortunately, they usually cost several thousand dollars. Here are some tips to cropping your photography budget down to size.

How to Select a Wedding Photographer
Selecting a wedding photographer can be a daunting task. Here is invaluable advise on how to select a wedding photographer for a happy wedding photography experience.

Nine Ways to Save Money on Wedding Photography
Have your pictures taken without paying too much. Here are the ways.

Official Wedding Photos
Do you dislike getting your photo taken and dread your wedding photos? Why not make your official wedding photos unofficial wedding photos and really enjoy the day.

Saving Money on Photography for Your Wedding
Weddings are momentous occasions to all people involved; especially the families of the bride and groom. One very important aspect of a wedding is to commemorate the event with beautiful pictures so that the day never really disappears.

The Value of a Professional Wedding Video
When you choose to invest in a professional videographer, you are honouring the importance of your wedding day.

Top Ten Wedding Videography Tips
Quickie advice for those about to embark on shooting their first wedding video singlehanded. In no particular order, here's tom's top ten tips.

Wedding Photography - Tips for a Wonderful Session
Photography is a very important part of the wedding celebration. Here is invaluable tips to have a sucessful wedding photography session.

Wedding Photography: Preserving the Memories
Choosing the right photographer for your big day is a very important decision when you need to capture the precious memories to keep forwever.

Wedding Videos... What To Do
There is nothing more difficult than making a video of a wedding. This article is a long check list of what to do and what not to do. It is written from a wide experience of video makig.

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