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Wedding Preparation Blues

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Author: Caitlyn Carrington

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Our wedding is only two months away and there are alot of things to do. We still have to buy the wedding dress, rings, groom's suit, fix up the house more, make the reservations for the Honeymoon, make the invitations and finish our planning. So, we shift into panic mode.

This is a second-time around for him, and my third. My last one was a death till us part, so technically, this will be my third. So, the dilemma is whether to wear the traditional white dress and act like things are fresh and new, or to wear another solid color that is less traditional. The groom never had a real wedding the first time and wants the bride to wear a traditional wedding dress. O.k., so you go to the thrift store and you can find one for under $100 that would look decent, yet you are fighting to lose that last 25 pounds so you can fit into it. Otherwise, you might as well just get a large lacy tablecloth and drape it over yourself. So, until the wedding, I will not be eating desserts, using fat burners, walking, and praying the weight will come off by then.

We are getting married at our new house on the day after Thanksgiving. So we might have turkey tv dinners the day before because all our preparations will be for the wedding the next morning at 11 a.m. and then we will leave for our Honeymoon around 1:30 p.m. So, we suggest club sandwiches, vegetable and fruit trays, chips, dips, cookies, wedding cake, champayne and tea and merriment to make things easy. It would be too cold to be married outside, so we plan to meet at the bottom of the stairs and be joined there. My biggest worry is not to trip down the stairs or on my dress.

We will then be Honeymooning in a nearby tourist trap, it will be too cold for us to partake of the beach, except to walk it at night or get a metal detector and treasure hunt during the day. We will eat at a fancy restaurant and swim in the heated pool and venture more into the indoor sports I suppose. It doesn't matter where we go, or what we do as long as we are together and getting a long-needed break from the three kids.

Being married will be wonderful again, as we have been very lonely without love in our lives. Now we have found one another, my life and we will try very hard to put this new family together. We have the new house and all is well, we just need to keep the peace with the kids and keep things running smoothly.

Perhaps after the wedding things will settle down a bit. Then we will have to set our sites on Christmas. No, No , No! :o

Caitlyn Carrington is an accomplished Poetess/Writer who loves Arthurian History, writing about true life and her family.

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