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Wedding Reception in San Diego

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Author: Randy Wilson

Article source: Used with author's permission.

A Wedding Reception in San Diego will provide fun and elegance due to the wide range of choices that are available to wedding couples. This is probably due to the fact that San Diego is a seaside city, a physical factor that allows for more options and arrangements for wedding receptions. A San Diego wedding reception also has its Creole influences, which works to offer variety in wedding themes as well as adding cultural color to the occasion.

Of course, when planning a Wedding Reception in San Diego, the first area of concern is the amount that has been allocated for the occasion. Other important considerations include the proximity of the location to the cities center, the facilities provided by the venue management and also the suitability of the menu selection.

The uniqueness of a Wedding Reception in San Diego is the popularity of holding one on board a luxury yacht. Remarkably exclusive and prestigious, organizing a wedding reception on board a yacht is by no means cheap. Just a 4 hour brunch or evening event will cost the host between $70 and $200 per head, depending on the type of package chosen. Of course, nothing can compare to the ambience on board of a yacht, with an accompanying DJ, food servers, champagne and the wedding cake.

As for couples with less money to indulge themselves in, there is plenty of variety that San Diego can offer. If you are looking for a wedding reception in a private and tranquil paradise, than Los Willows will be a suitable choice. With a French pavilion area for wedding receptions, this area will be breezy in warm months and heated during the winter time. Elegant white tables and chairs are used with high quality and elegant chinaware to add to the sophistication. A heavenly wedding cake is included in the package and a champagne toast for everyone prepared.

There are also plenty of hotel and resort venues in San Diego which make excellent wedding reception venues. For example, the Paradise Point resort and spa offers wedding packages that include accommodation amidst a 44 acre island located in Mission Bay. That's not all as you can opt to have your wedding reception held indoors possibly in the Paradise Ballroom, or in the outdoor lawn or on the beautiful sandy beach.

Finally, for couples who would prefer a San Diego wedding reception held nearer to the city, they can opt to hold it at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel, with everything completely set up by the hotel. This would include the flowers, the cakes, food and even arranged transportation. In fact, if you are in the dark on your wedding planning, they can even recommend a list of photographers and entertainers to turn your wedding reception into one that you will never forget.

Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.

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