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Wedding Slide Show Productions

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Author: Sandra Clukey

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Wedding slide shows are being shown at almost every wedding across America. Parents are having them made for their children, married couples are having them made for themselves, best men and maid-of-honors are having them made for the happy couple, and the list goes on. What are some of the reasons people are having these slideshows/video albums/photo montages made? And where exactly do they fit into the wedding ceremony?

Slide shows for weddings can be shown at rehearsal dinners, the reception, or both. Slide shows for rehearsal dinners can be very personal and should also include those in the wedding party as to make the slideshow more entertaining to the audience.

Slide shows for receptions are often shown while the bride and groom are still having their pictures taken. In this way, your guests are being entertained while awaiting the arrival of the new Mr.& Mrs. However, the most popular time to present the slide show is during the meal or immediately following the last person served. In this way your guests are being entertained while dining, and this takes the stress off of having to come up with "small talk" for an extended amount of time. Still others will simply allow the slide show to play in the background with no music, or sound. Just a continuous flow of pictures throughout the evening to give the guests something to look and to help keep the conversation between guests going - pictures have a way of creating conversational topics. This is good to do when there are no creative elements in the slide show presentation - just the fade-in, fade-out photo montage style slide show. But for a more creative slide show presentation you should opt to show the slide show continuously throughout the evening only after having shown the slide show completely through with the sound (when the slide show is finished just turn off the sound and let the show play in a continuous loop. But make sure you tell your slide show creating company that this is what you want to do).

The wedding slide show should consist of photos of both the bride and the groom from the time of birth through the engagement. In addition, when creating the slide show make sure to include photos of the guests when possible. This will most assuredly help keep your audience's interest peaked. Another feature you would most definitely want to include in the slide show is credits. Give credit to mothers, fathers, grandparents, the bridal party, and anyone else who helped to make this the most memorable occasion of your life.

Presenting slide shows at the reception is a wonderful way to display your relationship to all your family and friends. It will be especially meaningful to your out-of-town guests because it will help them get to know the new love of your life, how you met, and the joy you bring each other.

Once you've selected the photographs for your slide show, contact a professional slide show creating company, such as Sands of Time Multimedia Creations. Professional slide show companies are experts at creating the best slide show for your special occasion, and have all the equipment necessary to create a professional quality DVD or VHS. But don't make the mistake of putting this off until the last minute. Creating professional slide shows takes time, and so does the mail. So get started gathering up your photographs and video clips as soon as possible, and call your slideshow creating company for hints and ideas to help you create the best slide show possible to help make your occasion an event they'll all be talking about for years to come. And don't forget to order copies to give to the parents, grandparents, and other close family members and friends. They'll be glad you did!

Sandra Clukey has years of experience and an intense passion for turning still pictures into beautiful, sentimental video albums for people everywhere and is the lead slideshow creator for Sands of Time Multimedia Creations. A cutomer recently stated, "There's something magical about your slide shows and the way they just bring the memories to life". View some of her slide show samples and experience the difference!

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