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Wedding Stationery Etiquette

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Author: Mavis Elliot

Wedding Invitations
These should be sent to each guest or family at least 6-8 weeks before the wedding to allow plenty of time for replies to arrive and the number of guests to be finalised. The wordings can be formal or informal. Remember this is also a good time to enclose maps, accommodation lists and wedding list details. It is a good idea to order more than you need to allow for mistakes and possible additional guests.

Evening Invitations
These can be sent to additional guests who are not attending the wedding, to invite them to an evening celebration or party.

Order of Service
If you are getting married in a church you will require an Order of Service. We recommend that you allow one copy of the Order of Service for each guest, with a few extra for the clergy, choir and last minute guests. Please check the details for the service, including hymns and music with your minister or priest before ordering your cards. Orders of service should be ordered approximately eight weeks before your wedding. Unfortunately the raised ink option is not available for any Order of Service.

Order of the Day
These provide a special memento, guiding your family and friends through the events you have planned for your special day. Orders of the day can be placed on each seat or they can be handed to your guests as they arrive at the ceremony venue. We recommend that you order your Order of the Day approximately six weeks before your wedding. Orders of the Day are only available with some sets of stationery in the range. Please see the individual sets for details.

Thank you cards
These are used to thank your guests as well as inform people of your new address.

Reply Cards
These are supplied with their own co-ordinating envelopes printed in black ink only with your name and address making it easy for guests to reply promptly to your wedding invitation.

Place cards
Most ranges include place cards. These are useful for guests to find their places at the reception. All place cards can be printed with the first names of the bridal couple in the typeface shown on each sample. These cards provide a welcoming touch and can also make attractive mementos of your day.

These provide not only details of the menu itself, but also details of the order of events such as toasts and speeches, which take place at the reception. Please confirm all details with you reception venue before ordering your stationery. Menus are only available with some sets of stationery in the range. Please see the individual sets for details.

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