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Wedding Table Seating Plans

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Author: Mavis Elliot

The top table usually has the bride and groom at the centre, with the important members of the wedding group flanking either side of them.

Sometimes the brides father is seated with the grooms mother and the grooms mother with the brides father but nowadays it is becoming less common to have such a formal seating arrangement on top table - especially with modern living so the best approach is the one that everyone will be happiest with.

It's pretty crucial to have a top table with the main members of the wedding group - and generally face on to the main body of the guests so that everyone has a view of them. If you're wedding is relatively small and your guests all know each other, you may feel that a seating plan is unnecessary and your guests will be happy to sit where they please, or, you might decide to guide people to a table table but then leave it to them to choose where to sit at that table.

For a range of printed table plans with flexible styling and printing visit here..

If you are having a larger wedding it is particularly beneficial to guide your guests to a specific table and position - using place name cards. This helps ensure your guests won't be milling around trying to figure out where to sit and they will find their position more quickly allowing you to get on with the event - and your hotel will be pleased with the settling of guests at an earlier stage when they are trying to get drinks served or the meal started. Plus YOU can decide which guests need to be separated to reduce the inevitable friction that can occur between family members. It is also a useful way of mixing your guests and introducing people to each other and to ensure they sit with a friendly group.

Deciding the layout for your seating plan can be an awkward task which requires diplomacy and a genuine knowledge of the guests. Do remember that your wedding is also an opportunity for friends and relations to get reacquainted after possibly much time apart and who normally do not have an opportunity to meet - it's also where old adversaries may be brought together again!

The layout of your tables is a personal choice but governed by the facilities of your reception venue so it requires additional discussion with your hotel or catering co-ordinator before deciding on a final arrangement and agree the seating plan well in advance.

The seating plans we have on offer are large enough to be placed on a easel for the guests to see as they arrive - easels are usually available in your hotel or other venue. Have the corresponding guest place cards on the table positions you require and if need be use more than one table plan on a separate easel so that everyone can check their seat position easily without a crowd forming.

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