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Wedding Vows

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Author: Lorna Mclaren

Article source: Used with author's permission.

The vows you take to become husband and wife are very special. Over the years many people decided to make up their own versions and today there are many different ways to make this special commitment to each other.

Most tend to follow the traditional vows of love, cherish, sickness, health, better or worse but many woman are understandably uncomfortable with the traditional obey part! That stems from a different time when that was expected.

Writing your own vows can be very emotional and are therefore words to cherish. Writing them into your order of service allows everyone to enjoy these special words with you and provides an excellent keepsake of the day.

Some couples are religious and this will be reflected in the words they choose. If you are to be married in a religious ceremony then it would be wise to check with the officiant incase there are words that you may not deviate from.

Other couples favour a more light hearted approach and opt for non-traditional secular vows and some even prefer the humorous approach!! Believe it or not you can get vows from Dr Suess!!

Whatever you choose to do, and there is plenty of choice out there, make sure you pick words that have special meaning for you and your partner and ones that you are both comfortable with.

Enjoy your day!!!

Wedding Vows

Lorna Mclaren has an information website that can help advise you on most areas of your special day from the comfort of your armchair!

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