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Wedding Vows and Ceremonies

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Writing Your Own Wedding Vows
Some helpful guidelines to ensure that the feelings in your heart are encompassed in your wedding vows.

Renewing Your Marriage Vows - On the Right Side of the Law
Renewing your wedding vows is a romantic and meaningful way to celebrate the years you've spent married to each other - but unless you are careful, what you say in the ceremony could get you into hot water.

Writing Wedding Vows Ideas That Will Help You Express What You Truly Feel
More and more, couples are choosing to write their own wedding vows. Although many people believe that this is the best way to truly express their personal beliefs and feelings, often they are unsure about how to begin and what to include. If you would like to write your own wedding vows, here are some tips for writing vows that pledge the love you truly feel...

Free and Funny Wedding Vows
Ever thought you could write your own Funny Wedding Vows? Find your inspiration here! Free Wedding Vows available for you to use as a basis for your own Wedding Vows!!

Writing Your Wedding Vows the Way Poets Do
Secrets of professional poets are revealed in this primer for couples who are personalizing or renewing their wedding vows.

Writing Your Wedding Vows
Is your wedding going to be a very formal and traditional affair, or are you breaking a few rules to have an event that is uniquely your own? In either case, many brides and grooms are writing their own vows today.

Stuck Writing Your Vows? Read Through These Sample Wedding Vows
Are you getting married soon and need to write your wedding vows? Can't think of the right words to say or use? Do you need some sample wedding vows to jump start your thinking?

Should You Write Your Own Wedding Vows?
Writing your own wedding vows can give your wedding special meaning to your and your spouse. After all, these are the words that will start your new life off together. Make sure they come from the heart.

Wedding Vows
Wedding Vows are all about making a promise to each other and the words you use are very important. Many people today opt for making up their own wording which can give the moment extra meaning for the couple and their families.

Ten Tips for Writing Your Perfect Wedding Vows
Yes you can -- create vows that are absolutely perfect for you. These tips from a North Carolina life coach and Unitarian minister (who has performed over 400 wedding ceremonies) will open your eyes and your heart to a creative process you'll never forget.

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