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What Has Worked For Us (Brief Reflections On Enjoying 36 Years Of Marriage)

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Author: Lee Wise

Article source: Used with author's permission.


Brief Reflections On Enjoying 36 Years Of Marriage

© Lee Wise All rights reserved

For some reason or another I had a passing thought today. I was reflecting on our marriage and I wondered...

"What makes it work"?

We are not perfect, we don't agree on all things, and we still work through issues even after being married for nearly thirty-six years.

Thirty-six years.
And we still enjoy it -- LOL!

I didn't spend a lot of time answering my own question.

I did, however, quickly jot down a few ideas about what has "made it work" for us.


You make your own observations and applications.

Apply what I have written to your marriage, mental "Should I ever marry" list, insights on being a friend -- or "whatever."

You are creative.
You can design ways to make this information "yours."

After all, what is relevant in terms of this article is what is *most* important for you.

Your ideas
For your world
At this stage of your life.

Your reflections are the most important reflections.


Yes, more could be said.


This was a quick list, remember?


We share the same core values.
We share the same beliefs about knowing and loving God.

We agree about "what matters most."

We listen.
We communicate.

We pray for each other.
We enjoy and support seeing each other succeed.

We *love* all that it means to be a family.
We *agree* on what "being a family" means.

We try to heal, not hurt.
We don't strive to win. We strive to win as a team.

We go on dates -- often.
We enjoy a lot of little things.

We laugh.
We laugh quite a bit :)

We work through pain together.
In the end pain unites. It doesn't divide.

We give each other space.

We are lovers.
We are closest friends.


Translated, it is your turn.
It is time to make this article yours.

Your ideas are...

Your insights are...

Your impressions are...

Your applications are...

© Lee Wise All rights reserved. You may freely distribute
this article. The copyright and this resource box must be

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