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What Is A Destination Wedding Favor?

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Author: Cindy English

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Have you heard of destination wedding favors? I haven't either, so, I have taken it upon myself to pioneer this phrase. Destination weddings, destination wedding dresses, and now, "destination wedding favors". I like it!

So what is a destination wedding favor? Something affordable, something practical, something memorable, but something "packable".

Let's face will be travelling. The last thing you need to worry about is the safe keeping of your wedding favors. You need favors that are not perishable, breakable or bulky. Something that you can easily slip into your luggage knowing that it will "make the trip" safely.

Candles and candy may melt, glass can break and larger items just take up too much space in the suitcase!

So what is a destination bride to do?

Here are a few ideas for the perfect "destination wedding favor"...

  • Silver plated luggage tags shaped like airplanes and cruise ships. What could be more perfect for your destination wedding guests?

  • A "scratch and win" lottery ticket tucked inside a pretty glassine envelope is a fun idea.

  • Wedding CD's are becoming very popular. Make your own. Include your wedding song, a favorite photo or two and a personal "thank you" on your disc.

  • Make personalized bookmarkers. Design them to include a photo, your wedding date and a thank you note signed by the two of you. Once you are happy with the design, duplicate it, laminate it and dress it up with a tassle or an organza bow. You could use the same idea to create refridgerator magnets.

  • Palm or paper folding fans make lovely favors that can be easily decorated to match any theme.

  • Personalized pens, pencils or playing cards are something your guests can use.

  • Flower seed favors are a happy reminder of your cherished day when planted.

  • Paperweights are an attractive, useful memento.

Here is the perfect destination wedding favor - "Mini Books". These exquisite little books come in a variety of topics from wine tasting to humor. Bound in hardcover and customized by you, these tiny collectables make a very elegant gift that your guests will treasure. Compact, unbreakable and perfectly "packable"! You can find them at

Whether you buy your wedding favors or make them, you don't have to spend a fortune. They are an expression of your thanks to your guests for having shared your special day with you. Your guests will value the sentiment of your gift, not the cost.

I will leave you with one last thought...

Although giving wedding favors is a nice gesture, it is not a necessity!

If you find yourself needing to cut corners to stay within your budget, this is definitely a practice that could be overlooked without guilt. Few will even notice the absence of wedding favors!

Consider this...

Have you ever helped someone to clean up after a wedding? If you have, you will know that after and evening of wedding festivities, many guests do not even remember to take their wedding favor home with them!

Cindy English is the publisher of: Plan your wedding celebration in Paradise! Beach wedding themes full of fun, fantasy and romance!

Copyright 2005 by Cindy English

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