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What To Do after Your Honeymoon

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Author: Martin Smith

After you get married and go on the honeymoon and settle into a normal life, some people might start taking things for granted. But on your wedding anniversary you rekindle that feeling you had when you got married.

Some people go out for dinner and a show, others buy roses and chocolate. Still others go buy the traditional wedding anniversary gifts, like the first anniversary its traditional to get paper. If you want to do something that's not traditional, why not hire a limousine or you could combine the traditional and non-traditional.

For your first anniversary you could combine the traditional gift of giving paper by writing a poem of everything you like about your spouse and give it to them while you're drinking champagne in the limo on your way to the show or dinner. You might even want to give them a single rose to represent your love for them and only them on this special day. If you're not a poet, why not retype your favorite poem or find one that shows them how much you love them. This poem doesn't have to be mushy, it could be funny, it doesn't matter. What matters is that it comes from you. You could even slip the poem into an empty glass and give them the glass before you pour the champagne. Just make sure you hit no bumps in the road while trying to pour the champagne, otherwise it may ruin the poem.

By the time you're married for five years, most people have kids so time spent alone together can be pretty rare. Traditionally people got wood or clocks. My husband gave me an anniversary ring and took me out to eat. This was one of the few times we got to spend alone because we had a toddler at the time. We rented a limousine and he gave me the ring while driving to the restaurant. Hiring a limo is not that expensive, if you're driving from the suburbs to the city. By the time you either pay the meter or the parking garage, you've spent five to ten dollars and if you valet park you have to pay for that plus a tip. Then you have the hassle of driving in city traffic and the stress again of having to park. If you hire a limo all this is solved and all you have to do is sit back, relax and have fun.

The tenth anniversary is a milestone in this day and age. Some people by this time have more then one child so couple time is almost non-existent. So if you want alone time, just you and your spouse, what better way to spend your tenth anniversary then out on the town. You could hire a limo service to come pick you up for dinner, dancing and a show while grandma and grandpa watch the kids. Not only will you get spoiled for the night, so will the kids. If you want to celebrate your anniversary with your children then you can still rent a limo. Just make sure its kid friendly. Instead of dinner, dancing and a show, leave a little early and go to dinner and a movie.

When your twentieth anniversary rolls around, if you have kids they should be close to being teenagers if they're not already and they don't want to be around their parents. This is the easiest time to slip away to have time by yourselves. You can leave the kids alone for a few hours so you and your spouse can hire a limo, go to the pub, maybe a movie and or home before they can get a party going. After twenty years of marriage the traditional gift for your spouse is china. This is a really special gift but if you want to get something a little more unique, why not get a pink limo or even a fire engine limo? I bet they won't forget your anniversary again. Teens can rent the limos for their parents for their anniversary, just have an adult like an aunt, uncle or grandparent to call and give them money so they can put the rental of the limo on their credit card. This will not only get you a bonus for thoughtfulness but will also get your parents out of your hair for a couple of hours.

Anyone married for fifty years or more deserves not only a night out with dinner, dancing or a show, they deserve an entire weekend at a hotel out of town. They could hire a limo to take them to the airport and have another pick them up from the airport and drive them to the hotel where they would be pampered all weekend. They might even want to hire a limo service to bring them to dinner and sightseeing and back to the airport when the weekend is over.

All limos have the basic amenities like AM/FM radio with surround sound, CD/DVD player, plasma TV's, wet bar, moon roof, and some even have Playstation 2's. Some of the extra amenities are fireplaces, disco balls, bubble lights, and more. If you would like something special for your anniversary, let the limo company know what it is when you are booking your limo. If they can do it for you they will, even if its an odd request. They are trying to give you the best customer service available. If your anniversary falls close to a holiday, book your limo well in advance so that you're sure they will have the one you want. June and July are very busy marriage months so leave enough time if your anniversary is in those months also.

Anniversaries are a fun and exciting way to celebrate your love for one another, so what better way to show that love then hiring a limo so you both can just sit in the back and snuggle?

Martin Smith is a runs a car hire service in Ireland if you have time drop by his site for some tips and information.

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