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Winter Wonderland Wedding Tables

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Author: Venessa Regali

Article source: Used with author's permission.

If you live in the northern climates of the US, there's not much you can do about planning the weather for your winter wedding, but you can plan a winter wonderland wedding reception.

Decorating Your Reception Tables

Begin by laying down the perfect base. Sprinkle snowflake confetti on each of the tables. To make the confetti pop and stand out on a white tablecloth, be sure to purchase iridescent snowflake confetti. Mix and match sizes and colors for variety. Once the confetti is down, decide on your centerpieces. Here are some great ideas:

12 " Ice Sculptures - Use the traditional swan, a poinsettia, snowman, large snow flake or a bride and groom replica

Wicker Tree - Go to you local craft store to find this item. Decorate the tree with lights, and for an extra personal touch, leave blank note cards & pre-cut ribbon for your guests to write their well wishes on, and then tie to the tree.

12" Miniature Doe/fawn - We recommend finding ones made of twigs or branches. Also decorate these with lights.

Candles - Purchase white round or square pillar candles (mix and match the heights and sizes) and tall glass candle holders. Decorate the outside of the candle holder by first drawing patterns on the outside of the glass with a glue stick. Then sprinkle the holder in glitter (we recommend any combination of white, silver and blue glitter). After placing the candle in the holder, decorate the bottom of the holder by adding pine cones (also decorated with glitter), Holly or any other winter related decorations.

Mystic Crystals - Use a large wide mouthed bowl as the centerpiece. In it, place mystic crystals to mimic the effect of snow. On top of the crystals, place small white votive candles.

Other Ideas

Encircle your centerpieces with a short string of white lights.

Use snow globes as favors, or simply to decorate the table.

Give white and blue coated candies as favors. Package them in a silver tin, topped off with a white or blue personalized satin ribbon.

And don't forget to accessorize the rest of your wedding with your Winter Wonderland Theme!

Venessa Regali has a background in marketing; she received her MBA from Seton Hall University in 2002. She writes informative pieces for her website

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